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PostHeaderIcon Culver's - Review.

So, this week has been rough, with school and all. And, Wednesday, I just didn't feel like cooking. Sometimes that happens. Or, maybe, I feel like cooking at 1:00 a.m., in the morning, while I'm doing school work, and it seems the most inappropriate. I'm so weird like that. Instead, we ventured out. To grab a bite to eat. At Culver's.

Culver's: Home of the Butterburger. Well, that, and frozen custard. What's a butterburger, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you. The buns are buttered and put on the griddle. It's good that way, I've done that with my Steak Sandwiches.

I don't even get a hamburger here! And, that's where my rant will start. You probably won't ever catch me eating just a hotdog. But, I absolutely will eat a chili cheese dog. They are tasty. However, in the north (and this might apply to more than just Indiana), they like to put beans in their chili. Which I am okay with. If I am eating a bowl of chili. BUT, and that's a big but, I do not like beans in my chili on a chili cheese dog, and they do that up here. Even at Dairy Queen. Sometimes, I think about picking the beans out, and leaving them on the table to show them that they don't belong, but I figured that might just be rude. And, so, the point of this rant is, Culver's chili cheese dog has no beans. And, I fell in love. (By the way, I think this whole no beans thing is cause I'm from the South. I've read some other food blogs where beans are not allowed in chili at all, when authored by a Southerner. And I totally get that.) Okay, now that I've spilled the beans on that (totally, unnecessary, bean pun, cheesy, I know)...

I got the Chili Cheese Dog Snack Pack. It comes with a small fry and small drink. It was $3.99.

Jake got a Triple Cheese Double Patty Butterburger Basket. It came with a medium fry and a medium drink. It was $6.79 (that was with an additional charge of $0.50 for bacon).

We shared a regular size Wisconsin Cheese Curds. (I'd never had these and needed to know what they were, and well, I like to share things with Jake, cause I like him. Turns out they are almost identical to fried mozzarella sticks, but smaller.) Cost for those? $3.29.

Beth says:

I particularly like Culver's chili cheese dogs for a couple reasons: They split the hotdog down the center and place it on the griddle/grill. This is something I've seen a lot of places doing as of lately (Steak-N-Shake and Five Guys, just to name a few). It makes for a good chili cheese dog. I love the chili, no beans, as it should be. And, you get your choice of liquid cheese or shredded. I could do either, but this time, I went with liquid. Which, sounds slightly weird-liquid cheese. Anyways, my little snack pack comes with fries, and I have an obsession with crinkle cut fries. I dig them. A lot. And that's what you get here. So, yeah, I'm happy.

Jake says:

I ordered a "Three Cheese Butterburger" because it had a great big picture for it on the menu. I'm a picture kind of guy. When I see a picture of food, I'm much more likely to order it. I was a bit torn because while the premise of two patties and three kinds of cheese sounded great, I thought it needed bacon. Once the cashier confirmed I could add bacon, I was sold. I also got grilled onions as well. SUPERB! The burger itself was quite delcious. Culver's is one of the few places that have really good burgers because they actually cook them fresh on the grill, as opposed to those strange little microwave things that most other places use. The taste was great and it was super cheesy, thanks to the three different kinds of cheese. The one downfall to a burger like this is that it's going to be greasy. This one wasn't so greasy that I couldn't eat it, but I definitely noticed that it had leaked a bit of grease onto the paper container. This is an indulgent food. I could hear my arteries screaming for mercy while my taste buds told them to shut up. When I was done, I was stuffed, but I enjoyed it. No one should eat these everyday, but if you're looking to have a good hamburger indulgence, this one is hard to beat.

Now, it must be noted that Culvers does have more than hamburgers and really awesome chili cheese dogs, as far as the lunch/dinner menu is concerned. There are an array of different sandwiches, fried chicken, fish, salads, etc. We didn't get any frozen custard, but we have in prior visits. And, it's good. It's just really rich.

So, overall, I would say its really good, but not for everyday. Maybe a four or something. Or maybe 1 thumb and 1/2. Yeah, there we go.


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